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3 Social Media Tips That Can Increase Your Company’s Leads And Profits

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Are you a small business looking to become a social media pro? If yes, we are here to help by giving you 3 social media tips that can increase your leads and profits. Read below to get started.

The Power Of Social Media

Did you know that the social network Facebook was the most searched term of 2011? It is true according to a study by Experian Hitwise. See the findings of the study here .

Since more social medias are becoming the most used searched terms, this has a potential to increase your company’s leads and profits. Use the following tips below to benefit from the power of social media:

Be Yourself

When we say be yourself, we do not mean the image you only put out to the public but some of your personal side. Facebook is a great space to share some of your personal interest, hobbies and personality to potential clients, clients and customers. People on social media really like the thought of “getting to know you better”. Post business tips from your specialization to be seen as an expert in your industry. Not only will people like you for who you are as a person but they will like you for products and services that can help them resolve personal and business issues.

Put Out Your Best Work

Make sure you use your social media platforms productively and wisely. You do not want to get lost in the communication world. Make sure you well balance out your social media efforts. To do this find out where your target audience mainly interacts on, when it comes to social media platforms. When you find out the social network you have the most potential to be most successful on, create a focus on that network and put out your best work.

Make Your Facebook Fan Page A Place To Gain Leads

Facebook is an excellent place to gain leads for your company because there is a good chance your target audience will regularly interact  with you and their friends alike. A friend’s influence goes a long way.   For more social media tips that can increase your leads and profits, read this article from

Here at Adventure Web Productions, we provide traffic to your website and increase your profits by truly utilizing all the crucial social media networks!  We can help get your company notice on all the main social media platforms.

For professional full-service Internet development, hosting, and web marketing needs, contact Adventure Web Productions by calling (410)-788-7007 or by clicking here today!   Check us out on Facebook and Twitter as well!

4 Hidden Facebook Features That Benefit Your Company

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Do you enjoy socializing on Facebook? If yes, you will be happy to hear that Facebook has added features to make social networking more useful and convenient. We are here to tell you 4 new actions Facebook can do that most of Facebook’s 750 million users do not know exist. The new features can benefit your company’s social networking. Read below to learn about them.

Edit Link Names And Descriptions

Facebook now allows you to change the title or description on links you want to post but prefer a different title or description. Facebook will automatically pulls information directly from the linked page so you may change it. All you have to do is click on the title or description before clicking the share button. An editing box will appear where you can post your preferred title and save changes.

Tag Friends In Updates And Comments

This is a great tool to use between business partners and consumers alike because you can type the name of a Facebook Friend while creating a status update or replying to a comment. Facebook will create a link to the friend’s name you type in the post or comment. Great for tagging contest winners or replying to consumers on your Facebook page. Fans really enjoy the personalization.

To read more about the 4 hidden Facebook features that can benefit your company’s social networking, read this article from the New York Times.

Here at Adventure Web Productions, we provide traffic to your website and increase your profits by truly utilizing all the crucial social media networks!

For professional full-service Internet development, hosting, and web marketing needs, contact Adventure Web Productions by calling (410)-788-7007 or by clicking here today!

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The Amazing Benefits of Using the Google +1 Button

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Are you wondering how the Google Plus One button can drive traffic to your company’s websites and increase your company’s profits? If yes, we are here to help you get informed and help your company be on its way up the road of success! Read below to learn!

Monday November 7th, 2011 Google launched Google+ pages for businesses and brands. But the really excitement behind the launch is the Google+ One badge which helps you grow your audience on Google+ and displays more recommendations in Google search by letting consumers and clients add you to their circles and +1 your page, without ever leaving your site!

Here are just a few benefits the Google+1 button offers to your Google+ page:

-         It makes it easy for your audience to subscribe to your posts, endorse your company and share your website.

-         You gain more personal recommendations around the web because the +1 button connects your website with +1’s on your Google+ page.

-         Your company qualifies for a Google+ Direct Connect. The Direct Connect allows people to type +your_site_name on Google search and allow them to automatically start following you.

This means your company will not only reach the 40 million users of Google+ but any person who comes to Google on a daily basis. You can link your site to your page with a Google+ badge or piece of code.

For more information on how a Google+1 button on your website can tremendously benefit your company, read this article from GooglePlusPlatForm.

Here at Adventure Web Productions, we provide traffic to your website and increase your profits by truly utilizing all the crucial social media networks!

For professional full-service Internet development, hosting, and web marketing needs, contact Adventure Web Productions by calling (410)-788-7007 or by clicking here today!

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5 Ways to Build Up Your Facebook Fan Base

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Are you trying to build up your Facebook Fan Base? If yes, we are here to help you with five methods to build up your Facebook Fan Base. Read below to learn!

Roughly 64% of Facebook users are fans of at least one company. This is enough of an initiative for you to have a Facebook Company Page to gain loyal fans and increase your company’s profits. The objective is to have fans become involved with your updates, spread positive word of mouth about your business and become strong advocates on your company through the social network Facebook.

Here are five quick ways to start attracting fans to your Company page.

Link your Website and Online listings to your Company’s Facebook Page.

Facebook is a great tool for your company to utilize to display your existing website and directory listings. Make sure you display a prominent link to your Facebook company page to add credibility to your business and allow visitors to your page know that you are active in the social space. When fans “like” your Facebook page, they can take advantage of special offers that you post exclusively to your page.

Promote your Facebook Page to your Customers

If you are a small business, Facebook is a great tool to help you interact with your customers and benefit greatly from word of mouth advertising. Discover tactics that can help you communicate with customers every day. Most customers that have a positive experience with a company will want to connect with the company on a daily basis. Be sure to make it easy for customers to find you on social networks. Some great ways to help customers find your Facebook page is to put that you are on Facebook on receipts, state it on follow-up or reminder phone calls, state it on after-hours voice-mail messages, place it on your special offer emails and display it on print advertisement.

To learn more on building up your Facebook fan page, check out some of the social profiles Adventure Web Productions have created here.

For professional full-service Internet development, hosting, and web marketing needs, contact Adventure Web Productions by calling (410)-788-7007 or by clicking here today!

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Recently Launched: TeleRep

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011


TeleRep is a Maryland company specializing in customized call center services.

We call our telephone representatives (TeleReps). TeleReps are recruited and trained locally. Our clients range from small business owners to Fortune 500 companies. They enjoy working with us because we are local, flexible and we offer varied services that help them grow their businesses- 24 hours a day! We encourage clients to visit us and participate in training our TeleReps so we can answer calls just as they would.

Our extensive experience since 1976, enables us to offer valuable insight in finding solutions to meet our clients needs- whether they be answering customer service calls or responding to email. Our outsourcing programs are many and varied.

Find out how TeleRep can help you provide the very best service to your customers by calling 410-761-2424 or click here today!

Recently Launched: FATA Inc.

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

-- FATA Online --_1309272700368

In 1970 the Baltimore Orioles had just beaten the Cincinnati Reds in the World Series.  The Orioles team Chaplain, the great Msgr. Marty Schwalenberg, was thrilled… but he had a problem.  He needed advertisers for his parish bulletin at St. Charles in Pikesville.  He called on one of his favorite parishioners, “super salesman” Phil Maher, Sr.  During one very enjoyable dinner discussion Msgr. Schwalenberg’s problem was solved and FATA was effectively born.

Phil Sr. decided to name his new company by describing exactly what it provided…Financial Assistance Through Advertising.  Officially incorporated as FATA, Inc. the company quickly grew and began to specialize in providing weekly church bulletins. Since it’s founding FATA has provided personalized, quality publishing and advertising services to churches throughout the mid-Atlantic area.  In addition, FATA works with many other types of organizations to assist them with their publishing needs…from schools, universities, hospitals, community groups, business associations and more.  The one constant has been FATA’s dedication to serving the needs of their publishing partners in anyway possible.  The single most important guiding principle passed down to current President Phil Jr. from Phil Sr. continues to be as simple as it is successful…SERVICE…SERVICE…SERVICE.  We’d be pleased to hear from you if you would like to discuss how we may help you with any of your printing and publishing needs.

FATA….Experts in:

  • Church Bulletins
  • Community Newsletters and Directories
  • Parish Welcome folders
  • Senior Center Newsletters
  • School Directories/Handbooks
  • Anniversary and Commemorative event programs
  • Sports programs

If you have any questions, contact FATA Inc. by calling 800-934-1620 or click here today!

Adventure Web Productions Receives an A+ from the Better Business Bureau

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

We at Adventure Web productions are very proud to announce that, as of 5/2/2011, we have been given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), its highest grade. This is a huge honor for Adventure Web and we could not be more excited.

Factors attributed to Adventure Web Productions’ rating include:

•     Length of time business has been operating.

•     Complaint volume filed with BBB for business of this size.

•     Response to complaint(s) filed against business.

•     Resolution of complaint(s) filed against business.

•     BBB has sufficient background information on this business.

BBB has determined that Adventure Web Productions meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.

So if you are looking for a qualified web design/marketing company in the Baltimore/Metro area with a proven track record, look no further. Adventure Web is here for you. If you have any questions about how we can help expand your business, please contact us by calling 866.488.8644 or click here today!

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Recently Launched: The Carson Harris Foundation

Monday, June 13th, 2011

The Carson Harris Foundation_1307989169320

Carson’s Story

In January of 2007, we took our 5-month old daughter, Carson, to Johns Hopkins Hospital because she was having what appeared to be seizures. Twelve hours, a spinal tap and an EEG scan of her brain later we were told that she has a rare form of Epilepsy called “Infantile Spasms”. There are no words to describe the emotions we experienced upon hearing the news that our daughter had about a 20% chance of recovering. Fortunately for us, Johns Hopkins has one of the best pediatric epilepsy programs in the country so we were immediately seen by specialists who have hands on experience with this rare disorder. We were offered multiple forms of treatment, including a regiment of steroids called ACTH, Vigabatrin, Topamax and a more radical approach that Hopkins happens to specialize in called the ketogenic diet.

Our Mission

To increase awareness on the issues that affect individuals with epilepsy and raise funds in support of clinical and research efforts on the diagnosis of epilepsy and its treatment including, but not limited to, diets, surgery, and anticonvulsant medications.

For more information, contact The Carson Harris Foundation by clicking here today!

Recently Launched: J&J Home Services Inc.

Friday, May 27th, 2011


J&J Home Services Inc., is a team of experts proficient in construction planning, estimating, building construction for Home Additions, Remodeling, termite damage reconstruction, Renovations, Insurance Estimating & Repairs, Custom Home Building, Structural Remodeling, Reconstruction and New Construction.

At J&J Home Services Inc., our main focus is delivering the highest quality workmanship and personal service to produce projects that satisfy all of your Home Improvement, Restoration and Remodeling needs.

J&J Home Services Inc. is a professional contracting company and a termite damage reconstruction specialist that has been serving Maryland since 1971. J&J Home Services Inc. has always delivered quality craftsmanship and professional construction services to all it’s customers.

We are offering great Home Improvement, Restoration and Remodeling services across Maryland. Over the past 39 years we have built our solid reputation for being a contracting company people can trust and rely on.

It’s important that you select a quality contractor for your Home Improvement, Restoration and Remodeling projects that will stand behind its work. Our commitment to our clients 100% satisfaction as well as our promise to deliver exceptional quality work and service all at a competitive cost is something people recognize us by.

We are a team of experts proficient in construction planning, estimating, building construction for Home Additions, Remodeling, Renovations, Repairs, Custom Home Building, Structural Remodeling, Termite Damage Reconstruction and New Construction.

Our company has renovated and constructed nearly every type of residential building you could imagine. We have built, restored and renovated homes of historical relevance as well as general remodeling of newer homes. Let us help you Remodel, Renovate, Reconstruct, Add-On, or Build New.

If you have any questions, contact J&J Home Services Inc. by calling 410-747-5200 or click here today!

Recently Launched: Drs. Golden & Matz, LLC

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Drs. Golden & Matz, LLC_1306415274554

Our practice provides the most up-to-date diagnosis and treatment available for asthma, allergies, and related conditions. The 25-year-old practice, consistently recognized as Best in Baltimore by Baltimore magazine, has four locations in Baltimore and Harford Counties. The six providers in our practice are experienced in treating all ages, The goal of the practice is to help patients prevent symptoms, maintain normal activities and avoid complications – while limiting the need for medications. We believe that you deserve flexibility in scheduling, fast attention to questions or problems and the fewest possible insurance hassles.

We recognize that no two patients are alike, therefore, we are committed to working closely with each of our patients to develop a specialized treatment program for each person. We believe that listening is the most important thing we can do when evaluating a patient, and we take the time to answer all your questions, and teach you about your treatment and medications.

Our practice has a strong academic background. We provide a level of care expected of university-affiliated specialists, conduct approved research studies, provide training for medical residents from local teaching hospitals, and participate in academic clinical meetings locally, nationally, and internationally. We are familiar with the latest advances in treatment, and the research that will bring new treatments to allergy sufferers in the future.

Our aim is to provide the best care and service by applying state of the art knowledge and techniques to create a patient friendly medical home for allergy where we are focused on your needs. We are proud to be the first choice of doctors and patients in the Baltimore Metropolitan area for the entire spectrum of allergic and immunologic diseases.

If you have any questions, contact Drs. Golden & Matz, LLC by clicking here today!